At its heart, Medlink Services is a group of people with a common goal: To serve the community with cutting edge medical services.
Our team consists of professionals carefully selected for their technical excellence, dedication and passion. Our core team consists of medical practitioners with years of experience in the field alongside highly efficient and savvy support staff.


  • Medical Training & Certification
  • Medical Supplies
  • Medical Coverage


  • Leadership and unparalleled quality in pre-hospitalization medical training and services.
  • Pushing the horizons and industry standards to new heights.
  • Educating and creating a public awareness of basic medical response skills.
  • Optimising operational performance and providing seamless medical support .


Medlink Services strives towards achieving best practice in the industry and to promote a standard of excellence in the region.  In fulfilling this role, Medlink adopts the following strategies:

Trusted Brand for Excellence

Medlink Services pursues the highest level of service and attention to detail to cater to our clients.
Our training centre is specially designed to be highly conducive and easily accessible.
We offer flexible scheduling to cater to busy schedules.
Our commitment to our trainees and clients goes beyond delivery. Our after sales support provides value-added solutions such as tracking the validity of your certificates and an integrated Training Management System.

Functional Training

Medlink Services places critical emphasis on consistent and relevant curriculum that is accredited by the relevant regulatory bodies.
Courses are taught based on a practical approach for application in the community or in professional settings.

Quality Staff

To attract, train and empower the most-qualified, accomplished healthcare professionals and staff.
To ensure relevance and professionalism, healthcare professionals would require prior field and staff.
Medlink Services also fosters an environment for continual upgrading of skills. Staff also go through stringent appraisals and are provided support for improvement based on feedback.