A comprehensive and targeted approach to health and safety that provides an all-rounded solution for larger coorporations. With coverage of multifaceted training requirements, this plan can be tailored to suit your organisations needs while providing maximum value.
Achieve up to 100% of your employees being CPR + AED trained.
Key First Aid or Safety personnel being quali?ed in Standard or Occupational First Aid
Building an empowered workforce and a measurable CSR initiative
Take advantage of two or more of the following services to qualify for the Secure 360 rates!
First Aid
$220 / pax
(U.P. $280)
First Aid
$150 / pax
(U.P. $168)
* Valid for 2 years from certification
* Min. Pax per class applies


On Subscription Basis from
for 50 pax.
- no min. or max. pax per month
- For classes with less than 6 pax. , priority will be given to available slots on scheduled dates.
- For class sizes below 18 pax., training to be conducted in Medlink centre only.
- Top-up available to conduct course on client’s location

First Aid Workshop + Safety Protocol Training/Bespoke Course

$5000 Flat Rate
Up to 4 hours of training,
with provided materials.
Price is inclusive of
consultancy fees.
Prices are non-inclusive of GST


Get preferential rates for our Standard First Aid (SFA) or Occupational First Aid (OFA) courses when you are covered under the Secure 360 plan. Additionally, take advantage of government funding to cover course fees to maximise training coverage.

Certifications are accredited by National First Aid Council, National resuscitation Council and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). Our training programme and facilities are also ISO 29990:2010 certified. Both our SFA and OFA courses are covered under the CPD programme and can be used for SDU point accumulation for identified safety personnel or WSH Officers.

Based on current MOM’s WSH guidelines, it is recommended for a company above 25 pax, it is mandatory to have one qualified first aider for every 100 pax [ Occupational First Aid Trained ]. (See Annex 1) Our SFA courses are designed to be a foundational step for other employees looking to develop a foundation in first aid and to be prepared to manage emergencies or incidents as a complement to the regulated structure. Additionally, All certificates issued are tracked for expiry and a notification will be sent to both participants and the organisation to prevent lapses.

With Secure360, we help ensure that you hit the recommended quotas and achieve optimum safety standards in your organisation.


Our tier based subscription model for CPR+AED is the first in the market and is designed to help large or growing organisations achieve better safety standards and to cope with training expenditure. With increased awareness on community resilience and aging population needs, Singapore has set via SG Secure, a goal of achieving at least one trained person in each household. This programme helps companies empower their staff force with at least a foundation in CPR+AED skills to reduce the risk in the workplace and in their home.

The plan also addresses the following consideration factors to encourage companies to send more people for the CPR+AED course.:

Reduced per pax cost ( U.P. $ 80 )
With a reduced overall cost and monthly payment option, companies are able to spread out costs instead of an upfront fee.

Flexible timeframe
With up to 2 years to complete courses ( Tier 2 and above ) , there is more flexibility to schedule staff to attend the CPR+AED course either on company time or on their own. For classes conducted at our centrally located training centre, there will be no min. pax requirement per session. For classes conducted at your location, plan a session with as low as 6 pax.

HR friendly
We aim to deliver solutions that complement your HR needs. Therefore, with the subscription plan, there is less stress on planning or budgeting for turnovers or new employees. Moreover, designated personnel will receive a copy of all attained certifications for funding purposes or for record keeping. In the second half of 2018, we will also be launching a online portal for corporate clients to access and manage employee training scheduling and records done with us. All accredited training certificates issued by us are also tracked for validity and a reminder will be sent to notify individual participants and the organisation when an expiry is approaching.

Price Per Month
Tier 1
Up to 100 pax Commitment Time: 1 Year
Tier 2
Up to 300 pax Commitment Time: 2 Year
Tier 3
Up to 500 pax Commitment Time: 2 Year
Tier 4
Up to 1000 pax Commitment Time: 2 Year
* As compared to full priced course fees. Savings are representative and may be subjected to changes or variation based on circumstance. For courses to be conducted on-site at Client's location, do refer to "On-site" rates instead of standard rates. Min. of 6 pax/session applies for on-site courses to be scheduled. Prices are non-inclusive of GST.


This option allows companies with specific needs to develop a bespoke training segment with us. Whether it is a 4 hour basic first aid workshop or to onboard and refresh employees to your company’s safety protocols, our training team consisting of medical professionals are able to design the best applicable programme to suit your requirements. Additionally, should you require consultancy for specific topics such as fire safety and hazard management, we have trained and qualified safety consultants available to build upon your material at no additional cost.

“Medlink provided us with a course which was completely on point and every responder left with new valuable skills and insights. ”

“A one-stop solution for our first aid training needs. Great bunch of guys with quality service standards and experienced trainers.”